Looking to make $100,000/year without managing all aspects of a business even If you only work 40 hours/wk?

Here is how Rowe Appraisal Group can help you earn over $35,000/year more than you are currently making:


We have well trained data entry support staff that will save you over an hour per report. We can handle customer service, data entry and non analytical sections of the appraisal report, sales, most revision requests, and billing so you can do what you do best, appraise real estate..


We have both efficient and effective systems in place that will help you develop a better, higher quality appraisal faster and with better support for your adjustments. By implementing the latest technology, we are able to minimize time spent on non-analytical tasks.


The systems we have in place have allowed us to deliver higher quality appraisal reports with well supported adjustments and faster turn times. This makes us the “go to” appraisal firm for our clients and allows us to charge a premium. We also have a significant amount of “non-lender” work. That means no UAD or 1004MC, higher fees, and little to no revision requests. In additional that, we still pay an extremely generous split. When you factor in a higher starting fee, a fee split at the upper end of the range of what is customary, and of support staff that will save you time on your reports, this equals more money in your pocket. And we pay you every week.

Message from the Owner

If you are making less than $50 per hour doing your normal appraisal work, I know we can help. 

We have the best direct lender clients as well as non lender clients. We are only offering this opportunity to 2 or 3 certified appraisers at this time . We pay above market fee splits and include access to our support staff, data entry specialists and systems. Email us your resume and lets set up a time to talk.

- Paul Rowe

What our current appraisers say...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Ray is a real estate agent and appraiser and has worked with Rowe Appraisal group for just over a year.

“I have worked with several appraisal firms and working with Paul and his company has been eye opening. It has allowed me to complete higher quality appraisals quicker and with less headaches. I am able to make more money and get paid faster!”

Ray Anderson (Appraiser)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Stephanie is an appraiser and office manager.

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Stephanie Faulkner (Appraiser/Office Manager)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

David is a veteran appraiser with over 10 years experience.

I have been working for Paul Rowe Appraisal Group for over a year now. Paul has been very patient, very generous with his time, money and knowledge. He has been understanding to my work schedule needs. He has always been available to assist with those odd ball appraisals. I have been very happy working with Paul and his staff, and I foresee building a long and prosperous partnership.

David Kulasik (Appraiser)

Is This Opportunity Right for You?

Working with us is not for everybody.


  • Appraisers open to new systems and who are willing to adjust their current processes.
  • Appraisers who are detail oriented and can meet deadlines
  • Appraisers with a minimum of 3 years experience
  • Appraisers who currently use Total or are willing to learn


  • Appraisers stuck in the "old" way of doing things
  • Appraisers who do not take pride in their work
  • Appraiser who have had disciplinary actions taken against them
  • Appraisers not using Total or not willing to learn Total

To apply for this opportunity, email us your resume!